FAQs of old-age basic pension

1.  What is old-age basic pension?

Old-age basic pension is a lifetime pension benefit paid to all Maldivian citizens who reside in the Maldives and has reached 65 years of age. The basic pension amount is paid monthly and is the same for everyone. Exceptions are for pensioners receiving any other pension income (for instance, Maldives Retirement Pension scheme) where basic pension amount is reduced by 50% of other pension amount. 

2. Who is eligible for basic pension?

Every Maldivian who meets the following conditions is eligible for basic pension:

• He/she should be a Maldivian citizen

• He/she should reside in Maldives.

• He/she should be 65 years or older

• He/she SHOULD NOT be in the full time care of the State or Incarcerated upon conviction

• He/she SHOULD NOT receive more than twice the amount of basic pension from any other pension scheme.

3. When and how can I apply for basic pension?

You can apply for basic pension 6 months before you reach 65 years of age or any time after this date.

To apply for basic pension you need to fill in the “pension applicants information form” and submit original form to Pension Administration Office. You can submit your application through atoll council, island council offices.

4. Do you pay basic pension in cash?

No. The Basic- pension amount will be deposited to a single or joint bank account (Maldivian Rufiyaa) of the individual in the territory of Maldives.

5. I did not apply for basic pension even after reaching the age of 65. I am planning to apply after a period of 2 years. Will you pay the amount for the elapsed two years?

You cannot recover the full amount for the elapsed two years as payment will only be backdated for the past 12 months from the date on which you apply for basic pension.

From January 2015 onwards, basic pension for the elapsed period will not be backdated, you will receive pension from the month you apply for basic pension. 

6. How do I change my account number or any other information given to MPAO?

You can change your account number or any such information given to MPAO, by sending the details to MPAO in the relevant form. The requested bank account can only be changed if bank account meets the criteria set for bank account and the account is verified.

7.The amount I receive as basic pension is less than MRf 2300? What might be the reasons for this?

If you are a pensioner of any other pension scheme (such as Retirement Pension Scheme) your Basic Pension amount will be adjusted by deducting 50% of the pension you receive.