Hajj Scheme

Hajj Scheme

The Hajj Scheme allows for the deduction, from the Retirement Savings Account (RSA) funds, towards performing the Hajj Pilgrimage (Hajj).


  • The MRPS member should not have previously performed a Hajj
  • The MRPS member should have a balance of at least 336,000 Maldivian Ruffiyya in his/her RSA
  • If the pension fund has been used for collateralizing, the member’s RSA balance should have at least 336,000 Maldivian Ruffiyya in addition to the collateralized amount. For example if the collateralized amount is 1,000,000 Maldivian Rufiyya, then the account balance should be at least 1,336,000 Maldivian Rufiyaa
  • The MRPS member should ensure their placement with a Hajj service providers before applying to utilize Funds from their Retirement Savings Account for Hajj
  • The MRPS member should consent to the utilisation of their RSA fund to perform the Hajj
  • The MRPS member should agree to all eligibility conditions with respect to utilizing the RSA to perform the Hajj

Eligibility Confirmation

The eligibility of the member to utilize their RSA for the Hajj pilgrimage will be determined by the Pension Office. 

Members can check eligibility towards utilising Retirement Savings Account for the Hajj from our mobile application and on the website (https://www.pension.gov.mv/dv/hajj-eligibility)

Payout Process

The Pension Office will transfer only up to 80% of the declared rate set by the relevant authorities.

The Pension Office will make payment only for members who are eligible for the Hajj Scheme.


Members who are eligible should submit their Hajj application form to the Hajj service providers who are listed with the Pension Office.

Payment Issuing

Payment for the eligible member will be made by the Pension Office through direct transfer of funds to the Hajj service providers’ bank account. 

Payments will be issued only to Hajj service providers who have established agreements with the Pension Office. 

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