Party / individual to produce a design and art work of desk calendar


Maldives Pension Administration Office (MPAO), an independent state institute established under the Maldives Pension Act, which was ratified on 13 May 2009, mandated with the planning, development, implementation and administration of two pension plans.


To source a Party / Individual, who will be required to produce a design and art work of corporate calendar, meeting the standard and requirements of the MPAO.

 Scope of Work:

  1. Develop layout, design the art work, produce, and deliver calendar layout for the approval of the MPAO during the stipulated time frame.

  2. Develop key messages and themes in the calendar based on the concepts and themes supplied by MPAO.

  3. Remove / counter the misconceptions about MPAO while preparing the calendar layout.

Reporting Arrangements:

The Party / Individual will be supervised by the MPAO Director Stakeholder Relations, who is the focal point of contact at the MPAO.

All products will be reviewed and approved, as appropriate, by the CEO and Director Stakeholder Relations.

All material, graphics, and products prepared by the Party / Individual under the Contract shall belong to and remain the property of the MPAO.

Format of the Technical Proposal:

The Technical Proposal should contain the following information:

  1. A brief profile and description of the Party / Individual.

  2. Lists of relevant work experience for the last 3 (three) years.

  3. A brief sketch of Party / Individual’s perception on the production of the calendar and how it can possibly add value and contribute to this process and use the calendar as a selling tool to disseminate MPAO’s message to the employers, employees, and potential employees such as youth.

Qualifications of the Party / Individual:

  1. The Party / Individual must have adequate competency and facilities to provide comprehensive services related to produce a design and art work of corporate calendar.

  2. Must possess relevant experience related to the scope of work defined above, especially in the areas of production of advertisements and graphic design.

  3. Proven expertise in the areas of public information, media and community outreach will be an added advantage.

  4. The Party / Individual must have the requisite technical and professional expertise reflected in the qualifications and experience of the personnel who would be dedicated / available to the MPAO

  5. Demonstrable ability to deliver to deadlines and in the face of challenging and logistical obstacles

Duration of Services and payment:

The contract period will be for one month. Payment for services, materials,  and production, will be made as on lump sum basis. Payment for services will be linked to delivery of outputs stipulated, which will be defined more precisely in the final Contract. All payments will be made in Maldivian Rufiyaa.